Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alexia is Five Months Today

My baby girl is five months today! She is a giggling machine, now a days. Full of smiles and starting to sit up on her own, almost rolling over. She holds her own bottle, and is wide eyed and alert, loves watching her big sister, seriously she would be content staring at there for hours. She is wearing 6-9 months clothes, and it won't be long until she is in a bigger size. Lexi sleeps through the night, but still only in her beloved bouncy seat, sigh.  She's growing so much. Lexi doesn't like food too much, the pediatrician said to start feeding her food every day, and she does NOT like it. But we keep trying hoping she will come around. Lexi is really into playing with toys now, and she is defiantly teething! Drool everywhere, and constant chomping on whatever she can get her hands on.  Oh Lexi I can't believe how fast she is growing. We love you so much. 

I may have posted this already but
this is too cute.

Happy five months baby girl 
<3 Tori

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