Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The March of Time.

I'm finding it hard to believe just how fast time is flying by. It feels like yesterday, that we brought Kylie home form the hospital, and I had no clue what to do. I was so scared of the coming months and how hard they would be. Especially with that whole, "I have no idea what I am doing." lurking in the back of my mind, and its been almost four years. looking back I am amazed with how quickly time passed, and I just can't believe how big she is.  

I recently signed her up for preschool, and as thrilling as it is that she will be starting this whole new chapter in her life, it really means that my baby is no longer a baby.  Sure there are still more than plenty of times that she acts like a baby, but she really isn't.  Sending her to school, I know will be hard for me, which is why she didn't do anything sooner. All my friends and some of my family kept asking "Why haven't you sent her to school yet?" And I just couldn't, mostly because I felt she was too young, I mean she's just a baby right? But four, four being just months away and I can no longer push off her going to school with out it effecting her in her social abilities and in  preparation for kindergarten(oh GOD) she has to go.  I am more than a little sad. I can't help but think she has been jipped, I worked a full time job up until last year and, I missed all those little things she did when she was a baby, and I feel terrible for missing it. I won't miss Lexi's because now I am home, but I missed it with her, and than off to school I send her. yup I've been feeling pretty guilty about that. 

Sure the break will be nice, but I'll miss all the noise she makes and all the cute things that only a three/four year old says.  She really is a joy, which is why I feel so bummed that i missed all those little things with her, and now I have to watch her go to school, and be so grown up she's practically an ADULT. (okay thats a bit  dramatic) Besides I still have the whole summer with her, and she will only be gone for half the day.  

Yup looking back I just can't believe just how fast these almost four years have gone by, and just how truly wonderful they were. how beautiful and sweet, and full of this radiant energy, she is.  She just lights up my life and any one else's who knows her. She is a blessing, even when she is driving me NUTS! which is often as  almost four year olds tend to do.  Lexi is getting huge more on that later, but seriously before I know it, Lexi will be going to school oy. 

Yup Time is Flying.. 
<3 Tori

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