Sunday, May 13, 2012

Total Happiness.

All I am really going to say, is my Mothers day was lovely. Big Mothers day dinner with the family at my husbands restaurant. Which was of course delicious but super crowded.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Minus missing my husband, he had to work all day today, that man has been pretty elusive this week, at least we got to see him for a little bit. Any way I wouldn't be celebrating Mothers Day if not for those who made me a Mother, and boy do I love them.

yes this is how her hair looks every morning when she wakes up

The necklace I am wearing is the first jewelry My husband Ever Gave me

MaKayla, Kylie, and Paige
They Love Each Other <3

Yup I treated myself

bath time was extra cute for them both tonight

Kylie and every single doll she owns in bed with her
What a Day <3. Who needs anything else but those faces? 
My girls (husband) got me these lovely earring by Pandora, but I didn't take any pictured of them. Whoops. 
Happy Mothers day to all The Mommas. 

By the way these pictures were NOT taken with my iPhone. 

<3 Tori

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a fab Mother's Day... Really glad I found your blog.. :)


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