Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Lately its been insane around here. As previously mentioned, my husbands work schedule is ridiculous, and its been rough, as in maybe Kylie sees him right before bed, but mostly she doesn't.  He leaves at 830 and hasn't been getting home till 1130/12. In those hours I am all by my lonesome. 

And in true myers fashion to make it even crazier, Alexia's baptism is this Sunday, and I still have more to do then I can handle. The sense of being over whelmed, would be an understatement. Originally I thought we would make the baptism intimate, since Kylie's was huge, but if you knew my husbands family, you would know this is just not possible. If anything they throw a good party.  Over the top, wonderful parties. Getting to the actually party enjoyment, is well a pain in the butt. Especially with two little ones to chase around, plus all your other normal responsibilities (laundry, cleaning etc.) its more than a lot.   That being said Sunday can not be over soon enough. Sigh. 

Any way i thought I would post some random pictures of my said crazy long days lately, seeing as how this post was pretty random. but hey who doesn't like random posts? 

As of late I have been drinking way more coffee than
usual cup # 9? I have a problem
A certain little girl has taken too walking around
the house in her underwear. By the way this is the
time out chair. She spends a lot of time in there.

No matter how chaotic things get, even when I feel like pulling my hair out, or crying, I still can't think of anything I would rather do, then be with them. 

Happy Wednesday! 
<3 Tori 

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