Sunday, April 15, 2012

A week in Chaos...

True to the title of my blog, my week was utterly chaotic.  
Started out normal, then on wednesday BAM, in your face sickness.
I have no idea what it was but it sucked.  
Fever, on wednesday night, followed by total aches and throbbing head all day Thursday.
And of course Lexi had her 4 mon. Check up.  Yup, it was awesome. 
One of the down falls of being a parent is accepting that as a mom even if you feel like utter crap
you still have to do everything.  With the husband at work, and things to be done, just have to suck it up.
Makes you kinda miss the days when you could go to bed until you were better.  Ah well, their worth it.

So Aside from the strange odd allergy like symptoms, I still had my nephews 1rst bday party Friday night which was supper fun and I have some good pics. 

Heres my girlie girl 

bonding with her Auntie Jamie 

You can pick this monsters nose, and he talks... 

Greeting his uncle Jon 
My husband Just had to get him his
first fitted hat.. 

Kylie and My lovely niece Paige 

Jons Famous wings
Cold Stone Cake

My adorable God daughter Kayla 

Uncle Nick and Alexia
Birthday Boy 

Then My brother had a fire at his house, it was fun, I also lost my dang voice, in fact I still don't have it.  Which Made my SIL 30th /birthday party difficult to enjoy, if Jon left me I would have to strain to tell family and friends that I couldn't speak to them.  Mostly they all teased me, still had a few drinks and a good time.  A Party at the Farm is usually very amusing.  Lots of wild antics from adults cutting loose, yup it was good.  
We were such Party animals getting home at almost midnight.  

Not sure why I like this pic so much, Hubs is making a
weird face, makes me smile
When We picked Lexi up from my brothers
she was exhausted.. Slept all night 
Well heres hoping I get my voice back.. 
Happy Sunday 

<3 Tori 

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