Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Good Tuesday

I sorta have Blog Block.  Not to worry, it will pass.
Until then here is my day in Instagram/iPhone Pics.  I promise to have something better my next post.

How my morning started, up before the baby.

early bday gift from my mama came in the mail today!
Thanks Mama! 
I love getting packages! 
silly hubs & Ky's untamed hair
Kylies my little pony
she made
Unhappy in car what else?
My kindle in the car yup
Sounds about right

Took a TJMAXX trip at the hubs suggestion, we were looking for a presents for our nephew Lucius whom, turns 1 on Thursday.  Some how I ended up trying things on.  After careful thought, my husband vetoed the heart sweater.  There also happened to be a Starbucks near by so I spoiled myself.

It was a plaid night, for our usual Tuesday 
evenings at the Farm. 
Fun. Fun. 

<3 Tori

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