Monday, April 9, 2012

Alexia is 4 Months / Blue Mondays

This is the first installment Im making to keep track of Alexia as she grows! 4 months! 

 Alexia, I can't believe you are 4 months already.  Time is flying and your getting so big.  Trying to sit up and reaching I know all moms think this but I think your so advanced.  Your talking lots and, your smiles light up your face, your looking more like daddy every day.  You love baths, and your big sister, who also adores you.  Sleeping throughout the night now, and your so obsessed with your vibrating bouncy seat, and playing on your floor mat.  You still don't care much for tummy time, but you love daddy Lexi time.  Your so precious little one I can't believe how big your getting! 

Its also Monday, and you know how much Mondays stink!  Busy Busy Busy Mondays and I hate em.  Happy Blue Monday! 

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