Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today was Easter and I couldn't be more tired.  First let me say my little one started a fever late last night, and though I believe its due to teething, she didn't stop crying until 1am, which means I didn't fall asleep till 2am.  Because of all the screaming, my husband and my self didn't do anything for Kylie's basket, we figured we would get up at 7, since she normally isn't up until 8, and just finish everything then.  WRONG.  Lexi was up at 4, got her back to sleep at 430, Kylie graced us with her presents at 530am.  Yup been awake ever since.  Oh the whoas of sleep deprivation.  It was still a great day, and worth it.  Heres hoping I get some sleep tonight, cause I may fall over.

Our Easter in iPhone Pictures, really Im too lazy to use my real camera so this basically my holiday weekend in Instagram Pic and Im sorry, will starting using actually camera more... Maybe

Saturday...  Just playing outside. Dying Eggs with My brother and Family.

All Her Loot 

 Toes! Wearing Mommy's Shoes.

 Baby girl feeling sleepy on way to Farm.  All The stuff My MIL had for the kids.

 Happiness. Hubs&Lexi. Egg Hunt #2!

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