Friday, April 6, 2012

OK Easter...

Am I the only who feels like Easter came out of no where this year?  Maybe I've been too distracted, with you know my children, because yesterday when I was at the grocery store, which was packed PS, I called the hubs to see if he needed anything other than what was on my list, he said "Get Extra Eggs." My response "Uh, why?"  "Uh too dye eggs, for Easter?" Right, Right good call hubs good call.  SO now I have 18 eggs to dye, for all the family coming on Sunday.  Why did we say we would have it?  Ugh.  I'm just complaining.  Its not even like I will cook, my hubs and mama are, which means I can relax, sorta.

yep cheek out all those eggs

However until Sunday, theres lots to be done, and I'm pretty uninterested in doing any of it, I just want to sleep.  Alas there is just too much to do,  Like Moping, I hate moping.  Theres also this enormous pile of laundry in my laundry room.  not sure how that happened.

I know what your thinking, she's complaining
about this much laundry? But really I'm misleading you
Its actually much larger and about Four more
laundry baskets full.
This is me uninterested 

Easter baskets to stuff if I can ever get the basket away form Kylie, and lately my beautiful little Kylie has been asking lots of questions about the easter bunny, and hopping around the house with her Easter basket on her head proclaiming "I'm the Easter Bunny Mommy."  It's pretty adorable.  I just love holidays.  I am however pretty thrilled that my hubs will be home all weekend.  He usually works Sunday, so were all pretty enthused.
Gosh I love her, she lights up my
day any day <3

SO thats all I got today, the things to do list is super long, and I may try and post something before Monday but uh, Im positive I will instagram like crazy.

Happy Easter Every one

<3 ToRi

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