Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Good Wednesday

Mostly for me Wednesdays are not fun, lots of chores and laundry, and more chores, but yesterday was different.  It went something more like this, Hang out with the my mama ALL day.  Yup it was awesome, we did a little shopping at are favorite places, Kylie was into it at first especially in tjmaxx because she loves that store as much as I do. And can I tell you it was a good day to Maxx it.  

However at the craft store she was less than thrilled.
Still the day marched on wonderfully, Im happy to say regardless of whatever hiccups came our way.
Family dinner in which my brother and his family came, and Kylie got to see her favorite little man My nephew Lucious whom she calls Lou-Shoo.  

We had lots of outdoor fun before the sun went down
But today I will have to do chores! Oh Well! 

Today I will have to actually do some Chores! 
And of course the dreaded work out! 

<3 Tori

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