Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh the Weekends

I do really love the weekends.  The hubs is home on Sat. so we normally do anything we can thats fun, such as taking Kylie to a museum or kids junction and Sunday is always a, hanging out with the girls, playing out side, listening to Kylie laugh type day.  Usually.  However it rained ALL weekend long, and was damn cold.  So what better to do on a rainy cold day here in the North East, why go shopping of course.  Yep, we schlepped the kids to the biggest/nicest mall in our area, and decided to have our selves some retail therapy.  It was pretty awesome.  Ky had a blast, and her most favorite store ever is there, the disney store. yep spent about an hour there, till she finally picked out a little treat which she is still obsessed with.  Than on Saturday night, the Hubs and myself had an actual date night, which consisted of, taking forever to get ready and leave my mama with the kiddies, then more shopping for Ky's easter basket stuffers.  Then a wonderful seafood dinner, which was terribly over priced but DELICIOUS.

Yup happy girl
tea party set

Sunday, was Jon's actual birthday, yep 29, so close to the big 30.  I of course made a day of it, taking our usual relaxed Sundays to whole new level of baking/cooking fest.  Kylie was none too happy.  She spent the whole day rebelling and yelling, and well just being a three year old.  I still perserveered and made his favorite of everything. (My mama helped, especially with the crazy 3 year old, thanks mama)  Meatloaf , baked potatoes, and corn.  The hubs isn't much of a sweet eater actually, he rarely ever eats sweets, maybe on Christmas.  Maybe.  But he is a sucker for homemade butterscotch chip cookies, which I made a nice big batch of.  He was throughly surprised.  I had this whole idea in my head of how dinner would turn out, and of course it didn't, baby crying, Kylie not eating crawling user the table, yelling and well being a three year old.  By the time every one was bathed and in bed, I was exhausted.  Still the Hubs asked me to play the new Mario Party he got for his Bday, I reluctantly agreeed and I got my butt handed to me.

This is what spending all this time in
a kitchen looks like

That was my weekend, and now Im sitting in a quiet (for now) living room, drinking my first of many, many cups of coffee and hoping today will be a happy go lucky, cutie pie day, than a ugh crazy, wild, drive my nuts Three year old day.  Especially since its Monday, the worst day of my week...  Happy Blue Monday Every one.

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