Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hubs...

This Sunday is my Husbands 29th birthday.  Ive been blessed to be with him for 6 1/2 of those 29 years.  Im a women who can honestly say, I married the man of my dreams.  Really I couldn't ask for more, and every year I'm happy to celebrate the day of his birth, even if he's not interested.  Which the closer he's been to 30, the more he doesn't want to celebrate.  

Now Im going to brag about my husband a little, because he deserves it.  (Please excuse any typos, Im writing this with an almost 4 month old in my lap)

First of all he is truly the sweetest man on the planet.  He always says things like, I married my soul mate, which melts my heart.  He puts his family first, Jon's a wonderful provider.  My girls are lucky to have a Daddy who puts their needs before his own, who works hard so I can stay home with them.  Which leads me to tell you, he's an AMAZING father, even when I unexpectedly became pregnant with our oldest he never was anything but thrilled, he loves being a dad.  He's a genuinely nice person, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He has a contagious laugh.  My happiness is important to him, and he's so supportive, he'll support any endeavor I can devise, from my dream of someday being a writer, to being an acrobat.(If I wanted) I never doubt that he loves me, he tells me at the end of every phone conversation, and most every night before bed.  He such a positive man, he is always hopeful even if there seams to be no hope in sight.  I tend to be high strung, and he has this way of making me so calm.  Tells me Im beautiful with out make up on.  Finds me sexy even after two kids, in my uniform of yoga pants and t-shirts.  I never want for anything, and he's got this child like love of video games, and I think its so cute!  He makes me laugh, and always makes me smile even when Im crying.  Jon your my soul mate too, I love you, impossibly, uninhibitedly, and completely.  Happy birthday Babe, Im so happy you were born. 

at our costume wedding he was Link 
At a wedding, I was 8 months preggo and he didn't partake in
in anything because I couldn't <3

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