Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Year of Technology Obsessions..

Im not much of tech savvy person, nor do I normally have much interest This year however, I have had a few.  Usually the hubs is the one with the interest you know, the new Mac instead of the PC every new gaming system, and his latest obsession the Vista. And I would tease him, "can't you pry your self away form that?  Its just a computer!."  I mean mostly the only thing I had that was sorta advanced was the iPod touch, and I'm sure I wasn't using that to its full potential.  Then for Christmas, my hubs got me a Kindle Fire.  Being a devoted reader, this was pretty awesome, though I still pick up a paper back here and there, I really love having vast options a good prices, and if I have free time (this is rare) I have it in my hands, reading my little heart out.

And now its my iPhone.  I've always heard good things about it, but, I just didn't realize how much I would love it.  Im not really much of a photographer but I love taking pictures (not that they're good) and I love INSTAGRAM.  Pretty sure Im a junkie.  ha!  SO please excuse the Im sure, crazy amount of pictures from my iPhone I will be posting.  For I can't help my self. Now my husbands is teasing me "Cant you pry your self away?" He laughs and I realize how annoyed he must of felt! lol.  Sorry Babe. Any way I guess its maybe not the year of Technology obsessions but, for me its a lot.

Thats all I got for Wednesday.

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