Monday, March 26, 2012

Blah Weekend/Just another Blue Monday

SO this weekend was basically pretty boring.  It was cold and rainy so the The hubs, the girls and my self just sorta hung around the house.  Playing, Making cookies the usual.  I managed to take some pics though.

Kylie's curls, Lexie is so happy, and baths. Lazy mornings, cookies! Kylies baby (pooh bear aka Bop)

Then Monday came, possibly the busiest day of my week.  I'm not so into Mondays infect I sort of dread them.

Heres a little back story, I've had the same phone for a long time, a few years maybe four?  A droid the original one with the key pad.  Over the years its taken a beating.  I mean really taken a beating, not to mention I hate it.  Its slow and I miss calls constantly, and really theres always something wrong with it.  My husband has in joking said, "you can make it another year right babe?" Ha right Jon.  My husband has the newest droid and in fact always has a new phone.  Not that Im complaining I just hate mine.  So tonight when he got home he said.  "I've been trying to call you." "Oh, My phone didn't ring."  "well were going to get a new one."  Little did I realize he meant tonight.  I am however very happy to say I am a proud new owner of an iphone!  Yippee.  I love it!!!!  My friend turned me onto Instagram tonight and Im pretty sure I will be annoyingly doing that as well!

As you can see I was already annoying my husband with my iphone.  Sleeping girl. Me

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