Friday, March 23, 2012

Its Friday?

Wow, this week just sort of flew by. And I was in a tired stupor all week long! I cant believe it.  I mean come one.   I Mostly feel amazed because I didn't accomplish much of anything this week.  Very unproductive.  Which is so not like me.  Though I  have excuses it still means twice the work later.  Oh well At least my darling husband Jon is home tomorrow.  Maybe I can get some sleep and snap out of this fog I was in all week long.  Maybe.

Yesterday I literally did absolutely nothing except let my mom talk me into traipsing around with her on her shopping excursion.  Which lets face it was super fun, cause she is my best friend.  Than I took the girls to my in-laws for dinner.  My husband got in a fight with his mother, than Kylie finger painted.

Kylie's enthusiasm for the finger painting, made every thing better.  What a little charmer my baby girl is.

Any way I am more tired today, because my lovely husband took me to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games, which I read all the books.  Now I don't usually jump on YA pop culture band wagon, (really I don't) but my mom told me to read them, that they were good, so I did, and they were great.   Not so great was the hundred teenagers at the midnight viewing last night.  Ive never felt so old, when at the end of the movie more than half the kids got picked up by their parents.  Which prompted this conversation, between Jon and Myself.

"Man I feel old."
"Yeah?  Well try being almost 30 and taking your twenty something wife to see a movie, filled with teenagers."
"Huh, I guess you are old?"
He's been dreading turning thirty since he turned 25.  He turns thirty next April.  Because he's dreading this and because we have an age difference I tease him every chance I can.  And when he says hey you'll be thirty one day.  I say yeah well you'll be on your way to forty.  Than he laughs.  Okay Ive rambled enough.

   Please excuse the quality in 
  which my phone takes pictures.
 I cant wait to get a new one.
This is what I wore last night
pleas try and ignore the clutter
behind me.
By the way I just got this Maxi skirt
& I <3 it. 
Well happy weekend every one!

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