Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The great Paci Debacle

Okay so, I have a confession, My almost four year old is still using a paci.  I know its, pretty bad.  All started so innocently enough, we gave her one as a baby to help her sleep, before I knew it, she was one and still needed it a nap time and bed time, even when she was feeling a little grumpy.  At around 20 months, my mom said to me "you should think about getting rid of the paci."  Well I'll tell you, I was in the throws of planning my wedding.  I had so much on my plate, more then I could currently handle, full time job, full time wedding/honeymoon planning planning, full time mama.  Last thing I wanted was to take on another, perhaps tasking project.  I did however try, one night at bed time, I went though our normal night time notions, bath, books, bed.  We were saying goodnights, and prayers and she says, "PACI!"  I try to play her off, "No were not going to use a Paci tonight Ky."  She was still in her crib so I shut the door while she screamed hysterically.  She was up, screaming for her paci for four hours before my husband and my self cracked.  We gave it to her and she went right to sleep.  Needless to say, we didn't get her off of it before our wedding, or even now.

on our wedding day

So now my husband tells me, "don't give Lexi a paci, lets not make the same mistake twice."  But I can't help, asking myself was it really a mistake?  I don't think our mistake was giving Ky one, but not choosing to take it away when it was better for her.  I mean, now its a comfort thing, she thinks she needs it, she is attached.  It was wrong for us, not to take it away before she was so attached to it.  I know how bad it could be for her teeth, but she loves it.  Their are only three left in the house, and one by one, I think were going to get rid of them.  I've tried lots of way for Paci fairy to just plain throwing them away but nothing seams to work, so perhaps, we will have some sleepless nights, but I know its better in the long run.  I will however stand by the whole, Pacis are not all bad, they are helpful, and sometimes very much needed.  I don't regret giving her one, I regret he getting so attached to them.

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