Saturday, June 1, 2013

Play Room Face Lift Part 1

This past Memorial day weekend, The hubs had multiple days in a row off {yippee} and we decided to take on some projects we have been putting off for a while now, re-doing the playroom and the girls bedroom.  

Let me start by saying we aren't living in a mansion and are still looking for our "dream home"  but where we are at now is home, and we have to utilize all the space we have.  That being said, we finally took the plunge and spent the entire weekend making the play room and bedroom more functional for two.  For some reason I didn't think to take before pictures, so oops.  But I'm/ we are very happy with the out come, the room is so much more open and the girls have really been enjoying it.  

 Kylie is so into crafts and art and I have been trying to figure out a good way to display 
her masterpieces, I found this bunting at Target, and she loves it.

My dear friend gave me the idea as a tent doubling for stuffed animal storage.  

We may of may not have gotten carried away with wall decals.  

I know to some it seams cluttered but trust me when I tell you this is a vast improvement.  

{P.S can you guess what Kylie's favorite colors are? hehe. :)} 

Happy weekend. 

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