Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Silver Lining

Yesterday, was rough.  I wish I could fully disclose everything that had happened but I cant yet,  if I did I may ruin something, but lets just say something is in the works it has been for MONTHS, Months guys.  And when it finally happens I will share all about it and all the turmoil its been leaking in my life for MONTHS.  

So due to this monumental set back yesterday with ^ above mentioned, in which I had to make frantic phone calls and rally good friends to help me, I sorta had a small minor freak out. I know surprising right?  But have you ever been working on something for so long and the closer it gets to happening  things start to go wrong, and you just loose it? No?  Well your blessed then.  But I did, I was on a ledge and both friends and my dear brother had to talk me down.  Like I said this was a MAJOR set back something that could have piratically ruined everything. 

Afterwards when I was calm and went to pick Kylie up from school my very intuitive 4 year old looked at me and said 

Kylie: You okay Mommy? 
Me: Yes baby, how was your day?
Kylie:  Your upset Mommy don't be, art least its Sunny. 

In that moment of incredible wisdom, it was all so clear, it would work out, and even though it may not it, was a beautiful day.  Any day even though it seams horrible and never ending < this happens to me a lot I believe it comes with the territory of being alone with my children for 12 hours everyday> there is always something positive that can be pulled from it.  Something I needed to remember and my Kylie reminded me.  Thanks Kid, really your truly amazing. 

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  1. That's so sweet. Praying all works out for the best!


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