Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh winter so dreary

Okay February be gone.  Bring on Spring.  Im not saying I don't enjoy the snow, and the warmth you create in your home on these long cold winter nights, but I got the winter blues and so do my children.  Thats why I haven't blogged.  That and my kids have been sick, like all month, and so have I. 

I feel like this entire month has pasted by slowly never ending in sickness.  Every time we over come something, and think were doing good, bam some one else is sick.  Spending my days adorned in snot covered shirts ans yoga pants, dispensing Children's Tylenol and constantly calling the pediatrician or triage center over high fevers is getting old.  Like super damn old.  February was crap and for once I am more than ready to welcome spring. 

Plus also can I just tell you how crazy our weather is?  Its incredibly cold for days then we get a glimpse of spring, not too warm but just enough of a reprieve to enjoy a day out doors, than BOOM its SNOWING two hours later and frigid outside.  Mother nature your a random crazy bitch.  Sorry for the foul language but were all adults right?

So heres to spring coming early, because this winter has been rough.  Im ready for some good old fashion  Sunshine.

I know I'm whinny aren't I?  I'll work on it. 

On a happy note, I've caught some super sweet moments here and there. 

Happy Monday All.


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