Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have totally abandoned my blog, and I have no real excuse....

 I am so busy its kinda absurd.  But really I cant complain.  Im busy because my life is full.  Enough said right?  Well maybe not, Im busy on a daily basis, but there are a few outstanding things happening that are making me consumed with that frantic feeling you get when your not sure you can accomplish everything?

For instance:

My baby will be one in three days.  I have no idea when that happened.  Im in the heat of planning her party and getting everything ready.  A post dedicated to her is coming. 


If you have siblings, then you'll understand, understand how they can be more work than your marriage sometimes.  And no one can press your buttons like your brothers/sisters.  At least in my opinion. So having drama/disagreements with them can be consuming and sometimes heart breaking.  I have two older brothers, and they drive me NUTS.  But underneath all the annoyances I love them, and I keep telling my self, that the work is necessary because were all we got.  Its up to no one else but us to be sure our bonds with each other thrive, and grow as we do.  And should they read this, I love you jerks.  All bull aside. Blood is Thick.

{Sorry to rant}


Its almost Christmas,  Once again when did that happen? 

Coming up with ideas for our Elf Pixie, is a job in and of its self, but to see Kylie's fascination, is pretty wonderful.  I love how magical it all seams for her, and I hope it continues for many years to be inspiring for her belief in magic. 

I do however have most of my shopping done, Thank you Lord.  I am in totally love with Shutterfly, thanks to them my Christmas list was vastly shortened, and I'm sure those receiving such gifts will also be thrilled.  Also, I have one more thing to get Kylie and the girls are done, my husband and I were those maniacs waiting in line all night on black Friday, but its worth it. 

Now I just have to wrap everything.  Not fun.

So as to lack of any substantial photos, I am commencing an iPhone photo dump.  Your welcome.

I recently got to go to the movies kid free with some awesome ladies. First Parent/Teacher conference style. Fashionistia in training. Little fox. Sweaters and scarves rule. Pixie's arrival. Kylie's first school photo. 

Should you have made it to the end of this post, you my friend are wonderful.  Happy Thursday.



  1. I'll wrap your presents for you! haha. That's my fave part, lol. Good luck with the party planning, can't wait to see the pix! :)

    1. haha, I would totally take you up on that. :)


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