Friday, December 21, 2012

One year of Love

First I should say this post is late.... but none the less.

My baby turned one on December 9th.  One of the best days of my life. I am so fortunate to have welcomed two beautiful daughters into our lives, and every time I think of the days they were born, I feel the tears of joy, and thank God for blessing me with them. 

Alexia has quite a personality already, and there are so many differences between her and Kylie, I look forward to watching her curious personality grow and watch Kylie's and her relationship flourish.  I hope they are best friends one day, really I do. 

Alexia is quite the little ham, waving like a beauty queen, and scooting everywhere she can.  My family has taken to affectionately calling her scooter.  Her happy disposition and smile that lights up her entire face, fill her fathers and mine hearts with happiness.

We lovingly gathered with friends and family to celebrate her first year, and I am sad to report that some how I took NO pictures, its like time was flying by so fast and I couldn't catch my breath.  Luckily my family and friends are kind enough to assure me they will make copies of all the pictures they took. 

I did however manage to score a few while eating her very own cake, and I did capture her first "Happy Birthday" being sung to her on video.

Please excuse not only the shaking but our terrible singing.


A whole year of joy and Love so grateful to have our girls in our lives. Happy Friday All.


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