Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 months of Alexia Fay

10 Months?  The time is flying by.  I really cant believe how big she is getting.  Everyday she is doing something new, almost pulling herself up and the scooting is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  She still has no teeth you guys.  Its crazy, Kylie had teeth by six months, but not even one.  I feel like she is getting so tired of baby food, but with out teeth its hard to feed her anything else.  She scoots after her sister so interested in everything she does. And she dances.  Again with the cuteness, I did mention how cute she is right? Soon we will be moving her out of our bedroom, and Im pretty sad about it to be honest, Im not sure if she will be my last baby or not, and Im just soaking up every moment of these baby moments.  Her moving into a crib and out of our room, makes me sad. 

In two months she will be one! I cant say enough how fast this has all gone by, really I cant.  She is so sweet and such a joy, her personality really shiny through, Im so blessed to have her in my life.  Happy 10 months Alexia! 


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