Friday, August 31, 2012

Its Friday #18

Oh Fridays I love you.  Not only because tomorrow is Saturday a day in which the hubs will be home ALL day but because I get to bombarded you all with my iPhone pictures.  Yup, its wonderful.  This week I have been playing around with some new ways to post and even spice it up.  Only picking my favorites and making collage.  Still working it out but I really like how this turned out.  Also I have been watermarking my photos, for obvious reasons.  Do you watermark your photos, you should to keep your photos yours.  Check it out.  Anyways, Instagram is the best, and Im a addicted, if you'd like to follow along check me out ladymyers10. 

That shirt is a shirt I bought five years ago pre babies and it fits! hooray.  Lexi's cuteness at the grocery store.  Kylie is a grape bandit.  Grumpy. I want fall to come so bad, I bought a fall dress.  Sleepy baby.  
By the way did I mentioned the ensuing excitement that the hubs is going to be home pretty much all week this week.  EEEE.  The down side?  Kylie starts school this Thursday! Picture my weepy face.  More on that later.... 

How was your week?  Happy Friday every one!  


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