Sunday, July 22, 2012

My life according to iPhone #12

So this week our computer decided it didn't want to work so I wasn't able to do pretty much any posts, let alone my normal Friday post so here is is a bit late.  Im just happy the Mac is up and running.  Thank goodness for Warranties right? 
Oh Instagram I love you, come check me out @ ladymyers10. 

Saturday. We ran errands and I got my Birchbox which is always exciting.  I love getting surprises in the mail.  Plus we had a date night score. Saw the new Spiderman. 

Sunday.  I was still playing catch up on the laundry and we had a family dinner at the hubs restaurant.  I have an addiction to Maxi skirts people, then I post pictures of them on Instagram, don't worry I laugh at my self.  

Monday.  I cleaned like a maniac it was much needed.  I was admiring all the pictures I have of the hubs and my self.  My girl kylie she has been potty trained successfully for a while now, but she just won't go on the big potty she freaks out.  Ugh. I can't win.  

Tuesday.  We went swimming but first we were on a mission to find swimmies.  Did I mention it was super hot?  

Wednesday.  was a good day.  Coffee. Sometime to myself, and hail. yep crazy summer storms ya'll.  We got to hang out with our bffs which in extension so did ky.  

Thursday. I was exhausted from the night before. But I did get an adorable pic of Lexi.  

Friday.  TGIF.  Kylie was feeling a little under the weather and it was cold and rainy so we played some candy land.  Good times.  

And another week, how was yours? 

<3 Tori 

life rearranged


  1. Love this picture of the two girls, adorable! The whole afraid of the big potty thing scares me, so I'm not looking forward to potty training at all

  2. Thank you! I know! Potty training was no easy feat lol!

  3. love birchbox. it's such a great way to try new products. and i love candyland too. i play it with my kids and remember playing when i was a kid too.


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