Friday, July 27, 2012

Instaweek #13

At the end of most every week, when I sit down to do this post, mostly because I LOVE Instagram, I always think, wait what did I do this week, besides taking care of my family?  Then of course I have the pictures to remind me, I mean who wouldn't like that?  Anyway.. This week was filled with preparations for Kylie's spiderman bash, which is tomorrow.  We always say we aren't going to get carried away or stress about a party she may/or may not remember, but every year we fail.  So between meltdowns and tantrums today I am running around like a mad women trying to get everything done.  So I thought why not take a break have a cup of coffee and reflect on another week of Chaos?  Right?  Ps both girls are napping, how rare is that? 

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Saturday. I was tagged for the WIDN which I had been feeding Alexia. Then it was off to get our computer fixed, followed by a consuming night at the Farm Fair, which I have strongly disliked since I was a child.  If your unsure what a farm fair is exactly, its pretty much like any other fair, you know questionable rides and junk food, kiosks filled with crap, and crazy amounts of teenagers, but throw in some farming equipment contests, low and behold a farm fair.  My husband is from a long legacy of farmers and my wonderful father in law enters his tractors every year, its a big deal for his family, so we go.  Plus kids love a good fair right?  Sorry to ramble.  

Sunday. I treated my self after a solo trip to the grocery store with both my littles.  

 Monday.  I woke up to find Lexi sleeping in an awkward position.  Then Kylie and I went to the in laws for some one on one swimming time.  

Tuesday.  As previously mentioned my husband has been fixing up my blog. Man I love him.  

Wednesday. I was working on the various DIY things for Kylies party most of the day followed up with some outdoor evening fun. 

Thursday. Kylie dressed her self and after I explained it was hot out, she asked "its not fall?" Oh how I wish a baby girl.  Then I was admiring her super cute romper.  Kylie was making Lexi belly laugh last night, weirdly by pretending to tickle her with her feet.  Oh children.  

Friday.  This morning I was urging the coffee to brew faster. A sneak peek at Kylies spiderman sorta girly bash.  This should be fun.  

So what was every one else up to this week?

<3 Tori

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