Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Instagram #8

I know your excited right?  Another week has gone by and here I am faithfully posting my iPhone pics, because lets face it I am that obsessed! Ha. Anyway this week was good, filled with out door fun and birthdays.  Whoot.  

Saturday.  Oh you know just hanging out by the blow up princess pool, typical summer day, however that night was the real fun, date night with the hubs, saw a band at the hubs restaurant and it was all around good times. 

Sunday. Coffee, due to my partying like I don't have two children night, it was a long day.  But ended well with some relaxing outside with my ladies.

Monday. Ugh hot day. No air-conditioning at gymnastics but Kylie still enjoyed her self though I had a rough start to the morning, you know those mornings especially if your a mom, those morning where you just can not get the kids ready and out of the house fast enough.  Yup was feeling overwhelmed that day.  Luckily Kylie, in July will be doing gymnastics on a different day, when Daddy had off. Score. 

Tuesday.  Love Tuesdays, the Hubs has off, good day.  Alexia had a doctors appointment, my wonderful husband took her and I stayed home with my wild child, it was pretty awesome.  He made lunch, and we had to give Ms. Alexia an emergency bath.  Also it rained ALL day so I did my nails, of course? 

Wednesday.  Long day but still good, Alexia has had an interesting time as of late eating baby food three times a day, she sorta plays with it, and of course as her mother I photograph it.  Went out with the Momma for lunch and bib shopping before which I took a picture of one of my favorite shirts, Kylie awkwardly fell asleep on the way home, and on this particular day we headed outside after dinner, where Kylie put stickers all over her face pretending it was a mask, she was of course a super hero duh. 

Thursday.  It was a beautiful day out warm but with a nice breeze we spent pretty much all day outside.   
Followed by an evening viewing of "Follow that bird" Actually she was only really into the first half hour.  Ah well. 

Friday.  Today my niece turned 7 and I can't believe how big she is.  Before her birthday party we spent the morning playing with Lexi's play mat  then hitting the park with out TT, in which for the two hours we were there Alexia slept the whole time.  

Phew that was a long one, glad you made it through.  How was every one else's week?  Happy weekend every one!

<3 Tori

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