Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fathers Day (Belated)

Haven't had too much time for my blog lately, so here on Wednesday, as I am doing laundry, watching Lexi bounce away in her Jumper Roo, all while simultaneously watching Medium (don't judge) I am finally posting for fathers day.

The way she points her toes while in the jumper Roo is so cute.

Fruit salad yum

My baby girl had quite the day, she fell and hit her head cried for
two hours poor girl.  She's all better now.

Made my husband his favorite and my dad his. 

Only picture my dad let me take.

Making Smores.

Gifts for Daddy, 

My girls are so lucky to have an amazing father, and I was blessed to have one as well. 

Happy Wednesday. 

<3 Tori 

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