Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Mile Stone...

As I sit here having my 4th cup of coffee due to the ridiculous early wake up call, I'm feeling all the emotions.  Kylie is right now as I speak at her very first day of Kindergarten.  Crocodile tears and all over here.  My husbands looking at me like I was a crazy hormonal women.  Which I suppose I am but that's beside the point really. 

I just for the life of me cant believe she is in Kindergarten.  A once far fetched idea as we sat in on our very first child study meeting two years ago.  Kylie has a serve speech delay.  She's immature and hyper active, she cant focus.  She is in no way shape or form ready for Kindergarten and all the challenges it presents.  I keep going over those things in my head.  In two years she has over come some pretty astounding hurdles.  Two years worth of work.  But she's there.

So excited this morning, bounding down the side walk waiting (impatiently) for her bus.  Her pig tails bouncing and her voice loud as she exclaims "TODAY IM A BIG KID!"  How carefully we went over her outfit choices for today.  What shoes she was going to where and what she would have for breakfast.  All the while my mind screaming "no she is not this big."  But she is and even though I cant believe it and I stood on the end of my drive way waving to her, my sunglasses hiding my over flowing tears, and clutching my husbands hand in denial. I have to believe it.  Time your a jerk.  A big one.

Now I'm (impatiently) along with her sister waiting for her to return home so she can tell me all about it.  I'll try my best not to cry.  I make no promises.

 Also did I mention Kindergarten in our district is a full day??  Cant say I even know what to do with my self.  At least I still have Sassy pants to keep me company.  In fact I just spent the last hour listening to her saying "Mommy its so quiet."  "I play with all sissy's toys."  She says this with a giddy giggle while clapping her hands.  Oy.

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  1. Awwww, what a cutie! Little miss fashionista. :) Hugs, mama, I know it's hard!


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