Saturday, August 2, 2014

That Time we went to Disney World....

I'm such a bad Blogger.  Its been months.  I'm sorry.  I'm sure you really noticed.  (Laughs to self) A well taken hiatus from the blogging world in general.  I wont say I'm back.  (I wont) 

Life's been crazy but I'm alive and so are my kids, and were having a pretty good summer.  In the beginning of June the hubs surprised us with a vacation to Disney World.  I could barley believe it.  He held it in until I had to start preparation for packing.  (typical) Kylie was thrilled and since this trip would occur a week before her 6th birthday, there for it was dubbed her birthday trip.  As in whatever she wanted my husband bought her.  And she wanted a lot.  I mean Disney World is like Frozen Mecca so.... yeah.  Now our home could be a Frozen store.  Elsa Everything. I myself had never been so it was a really magical trip for us Myers girls.  This was my husbands like seventh time.  We defiantly got our moneys worth and made life long memories especially for Kylie who found the whole thing to be as though we stepped into a magical portal and arrived in a princess utopia.  I will say though travle with an almost six year old and a stubborn two year old was hard, and packing took me forever but we made it we enjoyed it and I'm still tired.  PS for those of you thinking/planning a Disney trip be sure to invest in a meal plan, or you'll go broke in like two days.  160$$ dollars for a buffet for four is totally insane.  The Meal plan was our savior plus Starbucks counts as a snack.  Que fist pump.  (I'm joking... maybe) Now for a photo overload.  


Obviously meeting Elsa & Anna was a high point for them.  We had to
    Wake up super early and be at the gates of Magic Kingdom before 8 am 
                        To make seeing them possible.  I must say it was worth it.  So was the 7 pm bedtime.  

When Kylie met Ariel (Twice once in the park and once at the Princess Breakfast,) She told her : 
"I've been waiting to meet you since I was a little kid!  Now I'm almost 6 and finally I've met you!!!!"  Then at the breakfast she promptly asked "Ariel Oh My Gosh What happened to your FINS?"  

 Alexia was perhaps the only person excited to see Bolt.  Not because she's ever seen the movie but because she likes dogs.  "Hims such a big boy!"  She kept exclaiming in line then multiple times while he tried to hug her. 

I hate that this picture came out so blurry but Alexia's favorite Princess is Bell and she was so star struck she wouldn't stop looking at her to hug her. 

We also learned that Alexia is terrified of the Rainforest Cafe.  She refused to move away from the hubs.  She legit cried every time the elephant positioned right next to our table, moved or made a noise.  "No Daddy thems not real!"  Now she hates every and all Elephants.  

"Best. Vacation. Ever!"  Exclaims Kylie every time she insists on looking at the photos.  I'd have to agree. By The way did I mention that Kylie is 6? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your girls are so sweet, love their smiles! And how awesome is your hubby for surprising you guys with such an amazing trip. :)

    1. Why Thank you Mia!! I know I'm still so floored lol. He's very proud of him self! Thanks for reading girl :)


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