Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi There long time no blog...

Its been awhile.  Like longer than I thought it would be.  Mostly due to my own personal state of mind and feeling unsure if I wanted to share, or just keep something so personal, well personal.  And honestly I'm still on the fence.  What I will say is, when some one you love, someone you trusted hurts you, goes out of their way to do so, even if in desperation, your mind and your heart cant seem to grasp it, as though you aren't supposed to grasp something like that.  Betrayal is a deep, intensely charged emotion and honestly I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  That awful feeling that you think you know some one, and discovering you didn't really know them at all.  Lying awake at night doubting everything you thought was true about this person, and feeling nothing short of despair.  That's where my mind and heart have been this last month and half.  I've been trying to move one, and let my mind clear before I really convey the true situation.  Should I ever decide too.   

So lately I've been searching for love.  Rediscovering where I feel safe at, and really turning to my family for help through it.  The family I've created and the family who've always been there.  I'm blessed to have my husband who through all this is my ROCK, and whom without I may be even more lost than I feel now.  He's always been such a strong foundation of love for me, and continues to do so even through dark days. He's a modern day knight in shining armor guys, and for that my heart rejoices.  A hope that my daughters will find love like this, a love that is true and unconditional. 

But, I'm back, and I've got to say it feels good to be.  Sorry to be so heavy, but such is life guys.  


All that aside.. We've been busy.  After all its Fall, and if you've been in these parts for a while you know how much I adore fall.  Lots of spooky decorating and story reading, pumpkin patch visits, and just all around goodness, where we could squeeze it in. 

I feel like so much has happened that really the easiest thing to do is an update via instagram.

First of All Im a red head.  Yay.  However red hair is high maintenance.  So will see if it lasts.

Also, I'm thinking Kylie needs her own, what I wore post because this kid, is something else.  Everyday she asks me to take her picture.  "Get my whole outfit mommy."  She SLAYS me.  Alexia talks so much, its cra-zy I never thought I would hear my 22 month old speak that way.  Plus may I just convey to you my excitment for Fall?  I mean its FALL. Sweaters, colored tights, scarves, boots. its seriously the best.  

Okay, I'll stop now.  If you made it to the end of this your pretty awesome.  

Happy Tuesday all. 

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  1. OMg! such a cute kid, i like your red shirt as well.


    1. Thanks Amy! Glad you like it, that shirt is on of my favs! :)


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