Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Musings and Happenings

Currently as I sit here, simultaneously eating my breakfast, having my coffee, waiting for the dryer to stop, tweaking my playlist and planning out my week, and getting my self ready for our Monday activities, and of course writing this,  I cant help but smile at all these photos, and feel genuinely happy. 

This week was a bit rough, Alexia had some sort of weird virus that graced us with a fever for four days, including the 4th, two doctors visits and lots of crying.  Kylie was hyper active and spent quite a bit of time in time out, but aside from all that, this weekend managed to be pretty spectacular. 

Alexia was finally fever free yesterday, and Kylie spent her whole weekend outside in the pool, and swinging on the swings.  I made Chilli, lots of popciles for lunch, sun, and giggles.  It was a great way to end a not so great week.  

Happy Monday.

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