Friday, July 5, 2013

Recitals and Fireworks

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  This post took me forever to write! 

This past weekend was Kylie's first dance recital. I'm so so so happy its over, and we don't have dance again until the fall.  A break from crazy uber time consuming activities is good.  Even though it was a lot of work for me, seeing her on the stage being one of the only girls doing the dance, with passion and sass, was an amazing moment to experience.  I was so proud and totally had to hold back Momma tears.  She really is this beautiful, amazing little girl that I feel truly lucky enough to call mine.  She is already asking when her next recital will be, so I'm guessing we have a full fledged dancer on our hands.  Which makes my heart happy, happy she found something she loves so much. 

We had a nice lunch for her with some family, and she got spoiled like crazy.  Flowers, and gifts, she may be thinking a recital is a lot like a birthday lol.  But hey it was her first one, so we did it right. Our amazing day was followed up by a pretty awesome night.  I took her to see fireworks with my brothers, sister in law,  and their families, and my Momma came too.  the girls had never seen fireworks before, though I think they enjoyed the running around and glow sticks that happened before the fireworks.  A great weekend indeed.  Looking forward to a lot of fun summer nights with my family.

IT was lots of fun and I'm hoping it will be a new tradition.  My girls so love my nieces, it makes me happy. :)
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