Monday, March 11, 2013

15 months Miss Alexia Fay

Its Monday and well BOO!  

I had an amazing weekend, like really incrediable, and I cant wait to write more on that, but for now its important to me to document that my baby girl is 15 months old.  15 MONTHS?  Say What?  

I cant believe it, even though I am watching her grow and turning more and more into a toddler every day.  

I always said that the age 12months-to 2 years are my favorite, you know that time between being a baby and becoming a toddler, where every day is a new discovery?  I love it.  

The list of things she cant do keeps getting smaller and smaller, and she is pretty independent already.  She likes demands to feed her self.  Plays by her self.  And boy does she talk.  Kylie didnt start talking until later but Alexia talks all the time.  Real words and all.  My favorite thing she says well besides Momma of course, is Whats That?  She says it all day long while pointing at everything.  Already so inquisitive.  She dances, and sings, and has the most amazing giggle ever.  Im pretty much obessed.  

Latly however she has been going through this attached to my hip phase. I'd say that the last two weeks I've been holding her about 70% of my day, and though I know it may be spoiling her, I feel like she needs it.  Plus who can say know to a 15 month old when her arms are extended to you saying "Up Momma" No one.  

I feel like we are also at the peek of the stranger anxiety stage, I went through it with Kylie and it seams Alexia is going through it too only times 2.  But hey I cant really complain, I'm weary of strangers my self.  

She really is a ray of Sunshine and Im so blessed to have her in my life.  Happy 15 months baby girl.  

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