Friday, June 8, 2012

My week according to Instagram #7

Hello all, I am faithfully posting my iPhone Pics from the past week, and I got to say this week was pretty interesting, though as I am sitting here typing this post, I'm so tired the whole week seams a blur, and I can't seam to recall it. lol, Thats bad! Good thing I have pictures to remind me right? 

Saturday. Was a good day, My big Bother and my lovely niece Paige came to spend the day with us, which of course Kylie loved she totally idolizes my niece, she "Luvs her".  Took them to the Park, and it was good to hang out with my brother, and Husband.  

Sunday. Oh Sunday, my baby girl TORTURED ME by forcing me to sit through Lalaloopsie not once but five times. Awful.  However she is so cute how can I say no?  

Monday.  Tired.  Always a busy day.  Which means Coffee. My Air. Plus we had crazy storms this week. My new Toms finally came, it took forever.  Bun s rule, even though the hubs HATES them.  And the hubs has actually been getting home at a decent time, and he actually has two days off this week WHOOT! Kylie always gets super excited when he comes home early! 

Tuesday. The hubs day off.  Kylies Spiderman obsession continues, went to the park and it was looking like a storm, lucky us it didn't.  My hubs downloaded this 90's compilation and we were cracking up.  Good times. 

Wednesday.  Kylie was super ornery and totally drove me crazy! Therefore only one picture. Her being difficult. Oh Kylie. 

Thursday. My girl is such a big kid now drinking out of a big kid cup.  Then she proved me wrong by pooping in her pants, and I had a god awful migraine. Still once I got some ibuprofen it turned out to be a good day.  Sorta. We are at least back on the potty trained wagon. And I got a chance to give my nails some love. Not to shabby for a Thursday. 

Friday. Took myself out, spent some time with my Momma doing what we do best, retail therapy. Even wore something besides yoga pants, and t-shirts.  The girl, also look super cute, a little boy thought so too, he was totally flirting with Kylie while I waited in line, she kept saying "Mommy why that boy staring at me?" He was at least five, going for the older men already, boy are we in trouble. Finished up are mall trip with ice cream, which meant I got to indulge with a Strawberry Julius. Yum.

Im exhausted just remembering.  ha. Now Im going to bed!Trying my best to make it to bed before 2 am. But fail most of the time. Ah well what can you do?  Hope every one else's week was good! Cant wait to check out your week! 

<3 Tori 
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  1. LOVE that yellow top- so super cute!

  2. Love the TOMS! I haven't seen them in that colour before. I need to get myself a bright pair - my black ones are so boring!


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