Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram Friday #6

Its that time again, you know when I post all the pictures from my week via instagram.  Its one of my favorite times of the week, because lets face it, I am obsessed with Instagram {follow me @ ladymyers10} among things. This week I think we spent about 80% or our time out side playing and soaking up the sun. Good times. 

Saturday. Was a crazy day, birthday parties, baby showers, it was CRAZY! I was dreading the day from the begging total fear of up coming exhaustion, Kylie playing with her Aunt at the party, Awesome favor for one of my bests baby shower. 

Sunday. Sunday Fun day?  Spent the day with my dearest Ashley she was home for her baby shower.  don't get to see her much she lives else where, so seeing her was pretty awesome. Ps Kylie was super cuddly that day.

Monday. Memorial Day, picnics. food. Lots of sunshine, and out door awesomeness. The roses by the way my grandmother planted, she could make them grow like nothing I have ever seen, beautiful. 

 Tuesday. So Hot. Still went outside. So HOT. Hello summer. 

Wednesday. I love the new blue in our hallway. Kylies new Toms came, Fun at the grocery store. 

Thursday. Good day, breakfast to my self people, you know how rare that is, with Kylie watching Spiderman, and Alexia sleeping, I got an hour all to my self. Picnic with my lovelies and lots of sunshine. Kylie had ice cream for dinner.  Yum. 

Friday. Today My brother in Law who is 18 went to his prom, I will post pictures later, I just can't believe he is old enough to go to prom, I mean when I started dating the Hubs little boy was 12. Any way, air broke had to wait for the a/c guy, Kylie was so whinny she had to go down for a nap, it was much needed. Then she was happy!

What a week.  How was yours?  

<3 Tori
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