Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh A week of Instagram #2

I took a lot of pictures on Instagram this week, its a serious addiction.  
The hubs worked a lot this week, in fact he still hasn't had any days off. boo.  So didn't get out too much, we still over all had a fun week/chaotic week. 
Maybe a little more chaotic? 
eh who knows! 

Saturday. Hubs homemade cheesesteaks. Kylie looking adorable. Lexi trying to write, she is after all a genius. 

Sunday. Just hung around. Lexi is almost sitting by herself! Kylie is super into hopscotch and we had a good ole' ice cream night! From the same place we went to as kids! 

Monday. this is the day of Alexia. She was just being super cute. Stopped for our usual after gymnastics treat. Kylie loves the pink lollipop cakes. Ive been admiring Alexia's baptism bracelet. 

Tuesday. Target Stop. Kylie was crazy all day. Whining and in generals driving us crazy. In the car she complained and whinnied about how she couldn't see out the windshield for 20+ min. Ugh. It was just one of those days where it took all you had to be calm and patient. Tuesday is farm night and I finally took a pic of Jon's childhood/dream home. There is so much open space Kylie can just run. 

Wednesday. What A day. Took Papa to the eye Doctor. Last minute had to take the girls waited in the car for 2+ hours. It was supper rainy and yucky. Mama needed some coffee. Thank God for the TV in the back seat or a may have lost it. Happy Faces. 

Thursday. Is it wrong that with out the pictures I would have a hard time deciphering the events of each day? 
Walmart trip. Visit to daddy's Restaurant for lunch. Homemade pizza. Bath time smiles! Feeding baby sister, whom Kylie loves <3 or so she says all the time so cute!

Friday. I cleaned ALL day and still felt like I did nothing. Packed away Lexi's Three months stuff. Felt kinda sad. Kylie has more books than I do! And I totally caved and fed her an unhealthy happy meal which she loved. Lexi also has a new found love of the high chair. Kylie talked me into painting her nails. 

Saturday. Usually a fun filled day with the hubs but he had to work tonight. boo. Kylie was playing with the laundry basket, her hair is CRAZY. Girls got some cuddles in. Ran some errands got new shoes. I curled my hair today, thats always exciting. 

Welp how was every one else's week?

<3 Tori 

life rearranged


  1. Hey Tori! So glad I found your blog!! Following from insta-Friday!I LOVE your new shoes! Where did you get them? Mm the pink cake pops are pretty good! (I like them too!) Starbucks is becoming more and more a frequent stop for us! SO good and with their summer flavors coming back like coconut, they are definitely one of my favorites! What do you like to get?
    Happy weekend!! Going to enjoy the SUN tomorrow after much rain in the PNW this past week (boo!)
    following you instagram now :) I'm lrailing

  2. Hey There Im so glad you found my blog! YOur so sweet I got them from Target, Im a target junkie. lol. I always get the vanilla latte hot or ice. Typical I know, but I love it. I'll have to check out your blog and Imnstagram as well! Have a great weekend! :)


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