Friday, May 18, 2012

My week via Instagram #4

Well every one, what a long, rough, crazy week. Aside from running all the last minute errands for Sunday(Baptism) and Kylie trying my patience like she never has before Alone made it rough but magically Kylie had some bazar sickness, on Wednesday, and was up ALL night long. .She even kept her sister awake. Now she has a cold, and all her energy back, go figure. Every one let me tell you how 
I spent most of my Thursday feeling like a Zombie, I couldn't chug the coffee fast enough. the hubs is still working 16 hr days, and well I can't wait for next Monday, when I hope everything become slightly less Chaotic. Hey a girl can dream right? Right? 

Saturday.  In the car. The wonderful Sun.(its being rainy here a lot lately.) My first Birch Box, Pretty darn Excited. And My day ended in Whine. Its was lovely.

Sunday. Mothers day, which I posted on check it out , here are some random pics of My Mothers Day.  Cuddles, my mothers day gift, and Lexi fast asleep on her play mat, a new every day occurrence.

Monday. Its rained and we did our usual. Gymnastics. I got stuck in Traffic for EVER.

Tuesday. I actually saw that man I'm married too. We got Lexi's pictures done for the baptism which I will post later, there was a smoothie place next door so how could I resist a smoothie? It was super humid which makes me super annoyed always. Happy summer. and we made a family Target trip.

Wednesday. Ugh the worst day of my week, humid/ whiney sickness and up all night awfulness. heres some photos before the sickness.

 Thursday. Lots of Coffee Chugging and other such non-sense. Sleepy after being up ALL night.

Friday. Today I had planned on laundry and laying around in a tshirt and yoga pants but ended up having Lunch with my mom instead. Kylie made me laugh a lot today.

Well That was my week How was yours? I hope Every ones weekend will be less Manic and Panicked than mine! 

<3 Tori 

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  1. Hey there found you through the instagram link up. Your babies are super cute. Happy to be your newest follower.

  2. Hey There, why thank you Happy to have you reading!

  3. What a gorgeous family - looks like you had a fabulous week! Love your blog!


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