Saturday, May 26, 2012

Instagram Friday #5

Whattt another week is over already, geez.  It was a pretty good week filled with running errands and being super busy.  I'm excited to finally see that guy I'm married too, he has a long weekend WHOOT! We feel like we haven't seen each other so were pretty excited.  Anyways heres what our week looked like via iPhone: 

Saturday.  Kylie told me she was dressed as Cinderella in disguise. My first Bluum Box, have you heard about them, pretty awesome!

Sunday. Alexia's baptism. Plan to do a post about it at some point. Maybe. Me, shoes, Lexi, finally relaxing with the hubs.

Monday. Gymnastics. Lunch with Momma. Target, I think I have a Target obsession.

Tuesday. The hubs he had a day off.  We hung around, had fun. My Father-in-law told me a creepy story about this tree in there front yard, and now every time I look at it I get the chills.

Wednesday. Got caught up on all my housework, tried to convince Kylie to eat her food and when she finally tried it she loved it, oh three year olds.

Thursday. Played out side with this new bubble tea pot set Kylie got. And I have a new coffee obsession the at home iced coffee yum.

Friday.  Kylie was doing this weird thing with her princess wands, putting them in the back of her shirt pretending she was solving mysteries, I don't know but it was cute. Bop aka Pooh had to be buckled in while we ran a ton of errands.  Cookies at Panera. Super tired in the Car seat I always think when kids fall asleep in their car seats its hilarious.

Another week, and now we are really heading into the summer. Eh I would rather the leaves be changing colors and pulling out my sweaters instead of shorts, just saying.  how was everyone else's week? 

<3 Tori 
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