Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello? Summer?

As August comes to a speeding close I cant help but wonder where it went.  Last time I checked it was June and then I blinked and September is just a few days off.  WTF?  Not that I'm not a little bit happy about the close of endless unstructured days but this summer seemed to move right on past.  

*School starts in exactly One Week.  One damn week.  The school just sent us the supply list last week and it was a ghastly entire page (Front and Back) for a Kindergartener.  Okay.  The hubs and I literally spent the whole day Wednesday hunting down the strange requests from Kylie's teacher.  Very specific things like 4 EXPO markers, 4 Glue sticks, 1 Package of Pencils, black socks, a box of spoons/forks, a lunch box with more then one compartment (Yeah didn't find that) Tissues, Clorox wipes.  A Binder with a clear front pocket, a clear pencil case, a pencil box, Twistables.  The list goes on and on.  See also next Tuesday we have not only a meeting with her teacher but also later than night is parents night in which we must bring our own supplies.  IE Binder, notebook, pencils, pens, sacrificial blood.  I mean when did getting school supplies become so complex and so very specific? Its madness yo, pure madness.  I'm nervous for this Parents night, will I have homework?  My husband says probably. 

*Kylie is officially a teenager.  We learned this while shopping for clothes/shoes for school.  Exhausting. 

*Alexia still refuses to acknowledge the existence of the toilet.  She'll be in her diaper till college.  

*Kylie will wear nothing she deems not her fabulous style.  My husband is horrified.  
"No daddy I will not wear those princess shoes.  I want moccasins.  Pink ones." 

*Alexia's new favorite thing to say?  
"I told you already, NO I will not sit in time out.  You sit in time out Jon."  (<-- picture my husbands face while I stifle a giggle. Such good parenting.) 

*The hubs and myself have been trying super hard to spend more time together.  Which means not falling asleep after the kids are in bed, or reading a book.  Mostly I fall asleep. But on a rare occasion I don't and we enjoy one another like we did before we had two of the most rambunctious amazing little girls.  Its good to work on your marriage.  To keep it alive and remember what brought you to be together in the first place. 

*Target might as well just take my husbands whole pay check.  Last week we were there four times.  A new record.  

*I spent an evening at my brothers recently which included mocking me for my 9 year old nieces bike being just my size.  A fire in the backyard, laughing and lots of Fire balls (holly hangover.) After the kids were asleep. 

*Alexia has taken too sharing her thoughts/emotions with any one who will listen.  
"Your making me so sad."  "I'm so happy Mommy!"  "Mommy your so pretty!" "Kylie brush your teef your breath stinky."  Yeah.  

*The hubs mocks anything social networking sent me this gem the other day.  

*Then I took this picture of him for his new website profile for his work.  Man he is handsome.  

I will stop rambling now, but I will tell you this I wrote this whole post while listening to the Spice Girls.  Yeah. Let me go try and redeem my self by listening to some Foster the people or something.   Happy Friday. 

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  1. LOL, this cracks me up! Your girls are so hilarious and adorable. Reminds me of my boys! They just say whatever they feel, and have very strong opinions, haha. And I totally feel your pain on the multiple trips to Target and the insane school supply lists. Oy vey. I don't even want to think about college for them. Ever. haha. :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!


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