Friday, August 8, 2014

Beach Day.

So Thursdays are a bit rough.  The hubs weekend is officially over then and after two days with him home its hard to get back into our routine.  Basically Thursday is my Monday and Monday is my Friday.  Does that make sense?  No.  Okay.  So very tired me wakes up send the hubs to work then gets the kids dressed.  Drinking my coffee I try to plan out our free summer day knowing I have to at least do something because lets face it its important for the kids to burn all that free energy I wish I had. 

The playroom is trashed.  So is their bedroom and I'm listening to them do there 120.5 rendition of Frozen when I have this brilliant idea to pack up the truck and head to the beach for the day.  Or a couple of hours, until some one has a melt down.  I enlist my mom to come to because she enjoys the torture of riding over an hour in the car with my children, then the whining that will surely happen because well, shes a saint. 

An hour and half later (we would have left sooner had Alexia not graced us with 1.5 billion tantrums.) We leave and arrive at the beach around 1ish.  Pick up some buckets and shovels and are finally standing on the gloriously packed beach with all the other "Lets get out of the damn house and have our kids scream somewhere else) moms.  See also very skimpily dressed teenagers that prompt my six year old to ask "Mommy why is her butt out?"  

Both of my girls mostly enjoying out running the waves and digging in the sand.  See also Kylie who is a little too at ease with the ocean (Imagine me yelling in my terrified mom voice NOT PASSED YOUR KNEES) Thinking maybe I should tell her she isn't a mermaid and in fact a six year old HUMAN girl in need of swim lessons.  My Mom is even enjoying her self and totally not regretting coming, hell even I am enjoing some sun and my feet in the ocean (which really I hate) ready to pat myself on the back like "hey girl this was one of your best ideas yet" when BAM! Alexia freaks the freak out.  
Alexia:  "MOMMY PICK UP ME NOW!!!!"  So I do thinking shes cold because the water was cold.  I hold her for a bit and decide to put her down to better watch after my mermaid girl child (because my mom is clearly nervous) when all out crying stomping and further freaking out ensues. 
Me:  "Alexia what is the problem?"
Alexia: "I scared" In the most sweetly pathetic voice ever making my mommy heart melt.  
Me:  "Of What babe?"  
In a small whisper "Sharks."  Sharks?  We live near the Atlantic ocean and I have never in my life seen one, let alone while we are on the edge of the ocean, just our feet in.  

Me:  "Lexi there are no sharks."  
Alexia: "SHARKS!!!"   This goes on for a about twenty minutes both my Mom and I desperately trying to keep Kylie from diving in, and ease Alexia's irrational fear of supposed Sharks, before we decide to reign it in for the day,  Defeated we pack up our stuff and have to hike back to the truck carrying a still terrified Alexia.  Find a shower to rinse off all the sand where Kylie then fleas from us to a near by park, where I frantically chase after her my Mom yelling behind me and garnishing lots of disapproving looks from fellow parents while my kid giggles. Oh The joy!

Some how we make it to the truck belt everyone up and head home.  I even stopped at McDonalds in an attempt to stop the shark chit chat.  Nope.   

I sure hope you enjoyed this installment of Tori's ideas gone wrong.  At least for the most part we did come away with lots of good photos and memories.  Especially ones for Kylie to later taunt her little sister for, "Hey Lexi remember that time we had to leave the beach becasue you insisted there were sharks?"  
Happy Friday All.  (Or well Tuesday for me)

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  1. Oh no, you poor thing! Glad that you at least got to enjoy most of the beach trip and get some great photos. It's funny the things kids are afraid of! When we were potty training Dom, he would say he was afraid of the toilet because of sharks, too! At least Alexia has the right body of water, lol. ;)

    1. I know its crazy right? She is still talking about it lol. Oh my gosh!! Aw that poor little guy lol. Kylie was afraid of the actual toilet for a pretty long time too. It took for ever to convince her to use it instead of the little potty!


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