Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alexia-isms & Kylie-isms

I have a very boisterous 2 1/2 year old and a very outspoken crazy 6 year old.   Every day their conversations make me laugh/gape/and say things my mom used to say like "Excuse me?"  Girls are sassy from birth allow me to impart a teeny bit of daily conversations.

(Me) Alexia would you like some cereal for breakfast?
(Alexia) Absolut-ely

(Me) Alexia do you want to sit on the potty so you can wear big girl underwear like sissy? 
(Alexia) No, I like my diaper. And sissy cra-zy

When I put Alexia to bed every night she insists that I "Cover up me"  

While playing with a shapes puzzle with my friends also 2 year old, who calls the diamond shape a well diamond Alexia promptly tells him: 
"No, no its a Rohombus."  
(My friend looks at me with wide eyes while I try to figure out where the hell she heard that at.) 

(Me) "Lex whatcha doing?"
(Alexia) "I talk to Doctor muh ear hurts."
(Me) "Okay." 
(Alexia) "Yeah.  Shhh I on hold." 

Driving home from the grocery store Kylie's having a melt down because I wouldnt let her eat another cheese stick.  
(Alexia) "Geez Kylie its just cheese."  *Laughs stiffly* "Mommy I ink Kylie's lost it."  

While at the beach for the first time this season.  
"Mom I belong here."  
"Whys that?" 
"I'll tell you but, you better not tell anyone esle."  
"I'm a mermaid."  
"Yes, I don't know how you missed that."

While shopping for new clothes recently I had just Kylie with me, she was watching me try things on when she very diplomatically gave her opinion on a dress. 
"Mommy that so bad you cant wear that!  I mean Geez!!! It doesn't fit!"
"Kylie that's so mean!  You shouldn't talk like that its inappropriate."
"Well Mommy if you were to wear that, it would be super inappropriate."

And because my best friend her husband and my husband still cant stop laughing about it.  Last Halloween my best freinds daughter and Kylie were having a BFF spat when Kylie declared
 "I'm not your friend now!" 
"Well Kylie thats not very Christian of you."   (Says Kylies BFF in her sweet high pitched voice.) 
"Well I'm Lutheran anyway." Answers Kylie dead pan. 
(I still cackle every time we revisit this story) 

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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  1. LOL, "sissy is crazy" that cracked me up!!! kids are so flippin cute :)


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