Sunday, July 28, 2013

To The blue eyed girl who made me a Momma : A Letter to you Kylie

Dear Kylie Anne, 

Five years ago, Early in the morning on July 28th, at 1:42 Am to be exact, you were born.  Entering the world in a dramatic, yet beautiful manner.  Later,  we lay in the wee hours of the morning, curled to each other as I took you in.  Looking in your eyes, and feeling every emotion, a first time mother feels.  Fear, worry, excitement, but most of all Love.  I loved you the second I heard your heartbeat strong, and sure.  And I as I lie there with you, while daddy slept, I thanked the Lord that he gave you to us.  To me.  I felt so consumed by love, as I looked at you, a deep sense of happiness overwhelmed me.  I was so  incredibly happy to be your Momma. You were perfect, and every one said so.  From the second you opened your eyes, they were a crystal blue, they still are, and even then as a small infant they sparkled with wonder, and we all knew how special you were.  

These last five years have been a wild adventure, to say the least.  Being able to watch you grow, from tiny fragile baby, to toddling and talking, to a little princess, a big sister,  to your first day of pre- k, have been a honor and privilege.  Your kind heart, happy disposition, and free spirit, draws every one who meets you in, you are always the brightest light in the room.  I like to watch when your playing outside, with your little sister, teaching her how to hold her arms out and spin, teaching her how to dance, and twirl, my heart feels so full, to see you love her, your are truly a special girl Ky, one in a million.  I hope you never loose your whimsical nature.  I hope you stay free, and happy, that's all I hope for in your life is happiness.  Your creating so many beautiful memories to cherish, just by being you, but I think the one of you standing in the back yard, face turned up to the sun, eyes tightly shut, arms out and you spin, twirl as you call it, twirl until your dizzy, laughing the entire time, will be one of my most treasured, because in those moments, its the epitome of who you are, a whimsical, fairy princess, who loves to sing loudly and laugh big, and who loves so much.  Every day you hug and cuddle, and remind me of just how wonderful love really is. 

Im so happy I had you Kylie Anne.  Your a complete joy, and I can honestly tell you, you and your sister are the best accomplishment of my life.    If I do nothing else, it wont matter, I have you, my girls.  

Happy 5th birthday my blue eyed Free spirit.  We love you so much. 

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