Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The truth is...

As of late I have been finding my self in increasingly hairy territory.

So I'm just going to say it.  

When will the time for throwing the worlds most horribly EPIC tantrums STOP?

I mean, how much can one Momma take?  

Starting at the age of 2 till now, at the tender age of 41/2 almost 5, they grace us with their daily presence. 

Why you ask?  Well the short answer is I have no damn idea.  
I can however describe to you the things that are sure to set her off:

1. Not getting her way. 
2.  Not getting her way. 
3. Not getting her way.  

That being said, I cant help but feel a little over whelmed.  After a series of incidents, of said epic tantrums, I cant help but feel a little lost.  

She will be 5 in 11 days.  
But still, having her transcend from being a toddler to being a big girl has been the biggest challenge thus far in my career as a Mommy.  And honestly Im not really sure what I will do, or what I can do, because lets face it, she most certainly does NOT get her way everyday.  So you can imagine how my days often go.  Its hard, exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. 
I'd be lying here if I didn't say, I have admitted defeat to my husband several times in the course of the summer.   To have a child clearly old enough to know better, but whom continues to disregard your warnings and continually make scenes in public, and throw a fit every time you say no to buying that over priced doll, can really wear on a person. 
Wear on a person, by after you kiss her goodnight, and shut the door praying to God that tomorrow is a better day, you then lay in bed, in the dark of your bedroom, clutching your comfort and cry like a baby your self.  Cry for all the things you think you may be doing wrong to cause such behavior, cry for all the frustration that never goes away, cry for the worry that consumes you, and ask your self , what am I as a Mom doing wrong?  Am I a good mother? 
I turn to my husband and ask him, "Do you think Im a good Mom?"  To which he looks me in the eyes and reply's "I think your an amazing mom, and our girls are lucky to have you."  
Thanks babe. That really helps. 

So I get some sleep, and when I wake up, I think to myself today is a good day, and maybe there wont even be any of those Epic tantrums.  Maybe today she will just be a fairy princess waiting for daddy to come home from work.Today I just tell my self hang in there.  You can do this.  

And I tell myself that one day the tantrums will be over.  One day she will mature, and so will start a new challenging, frustrating, confusing time.  I just tell my self to be strong and endure.  SO if your reading this and are in a similar position, a Momma facing the similar challenges, your doing an awesome job enduring the crying, screaming, flailing of limbs, and don't worry I'm right there on that boat with you.
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  1. Dom will be 5 in September and we are going through this exact same thing. It starts out with the whining, and then the whimpering, and then the crying, and then the full-on temper tantrum. It's exhausting! Just utterly exhausting. :( Glad to know we're not the only ones going through it. You can do it, mama, just hang in there. I'm right there with you!

    1. Thanks Mia! And you hang in there to girl! Ugh the whining does me in too. Its nice to know we're not alone lol. :)

  2. Its good to hear I'm not the only one! My daughter sounds identical so you are not alone at all! My girl is always so determined to get her own way on EVERYTHING that it can be a living nightmare some days HAHA! I just hope she is as determined when she is an adult! :)

    1. I know the feeling! Yes hopefully the determination goes on to adult hood! :) Thanks so much for reading I'm glad you can relate!


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