Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Adventures 2

We recently spent a night wandering a local Farm Fair.  My husband grew up on a local farm {which at some point I will share photos of}, and his family has been participating in the farm fair for years.  It was lots of fun for our girls, and I'm sure it will one day be a great memory for them.  

Since it has been scorching hot here as of late, we decided going at dusk would be out best bet.  So we loaded up the girls, threw on some bug spray and rode as many rides, played as many games, and pet as many animals as we could.

The "Zipper" is one of the most famous rides at this fair, its a really old ride, and to be honest you never could get me on that thing, the hubs and I joke about it, he was the kid that would spend the whole time at the fair on it, and I was the one who steered clear {When I even went}.  Opposites really do attract. :)

Happy almost weekend all.

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! :) Love the colorful lights. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Mia!Hope you have a wonderful weekend too :)


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