Friday, March 15, 2013

Putting up a Fight.

Have I ever mentioned how hard being a mother is because it is HARD.  I feel a rant coming on and I apologize in advanced.

This week has been a trip, on Monday while giving Lexi a bath I noticed she had a hive on her shoulder.  I didn't think it was to big of deal so I continued on with my normal routine but as the days went on the rash kept getting worse. Covering her face, arms, neck, back, legs, the rash had spread everywhere.  

Yesterday I took her to her Pediatrician, and as I sat watching them look her over, worry setting in that maybe something was really wrong, you can understand how relieved I was when they said she was fine, just a skin allergy that would clear up on its own after a week.  I happily went about my day, putting the girls to bed, and relaxing with the hubs when suddenly, Lexi woke up full tilt screaming and shaking, and as I tried to comfort her, we noticed her face was swollen, her mouth was swollen her jaw her cheeks, I've never seen her face so puffy.  We stayed calm, her breathing was fine, and we called our pediatric triage center, where they then told us to get to the Emergency room immediately. 

An hour and half later, we were finally seen by a doctor, only to be told that they cant figure out what is causing her to have such an allergic reaction, that they will put her steroids until we can follow up with our pediatrician.  That hives aren't dangerous.  All i could think was, isn't swelling dangerous?  Why does it feel like no one is taking this seriously?  

Hives are not normal. Something is doing this to my baby.  She has had no new foods, or laundry detergents, nothing new at all.  Now the doctors are saying lets just hope it goes away on its own?  Uh how about no, how about you figure it out, or at least give me the tools to figure it out my self?  Shes only 15 months old, and even after the steroids her rash is still bad, no more swelling a least but that rash, it looks so painful. 

Now, I will be insisting to my Pediatrician that this is worse than just a simple skin allergy.  I understand that as her mother its up to me to force someone to look further into.  Maybe I am over reacting, but when something is wrong with your baby, what wouldn't you do to fix it? I trust that the doctors know more than me, but I also trust that something isn't right.  Her appetite is off, her behavior.  I just know that I will be as strong willed as I need to be to get the answers I need.  

No one ever tells you how hard being a parent is, it isn't until you are one that you find the trials and tribulations.  There's no hand book for that mysterious rash, or illness, or the up all night not sure whats going on scream.  You know?  

I will figure this out, because if anything the ER doctor instilled in me was, if we don't figure this out it could become worse, if I keep exposing her to what ever is triggering this reaction, she stressed how important it was that we pursue this.  And I will.  I will definitely be putting up a fight. 

How about you?  Has anyone ever experienced something like this?  

And... rant over.  At least its Friday right?  

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